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Discover growth beyond healing

The psychotherapists, psychologists, and therapists at The Integral Psychology Center take the time to serve your needs well. We have created a peaceful, healing space for our clients with a focus on total mental health and well-being.

We respect the idea of mutual support and incorporate that value into our organization. As a result, the professionals at The Integral Psychology Center are free to take good care of ourselves so we can take good care of you. This allows us to work at an attentive pace without compromising our values. Contact one of our licensed professionals today to make an appointment or contact our office for assistance.


We offer a variety of services for people of all ages including individual, couples, and family therapy. Additionally, several members of our staff are trained in divorce process options and can assist you in navigating this transition pre- and post-judgment. We strive to create a culturally sensitive and LGBTQ affirming environment to promote mental health and well-being for all. Read More


Our professionals have a wide range of expertise. We are committed to helping you determine which therapist is best suited for your needs and what the best course of action is for your situation. Read More